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Aktino, Inc.

Aktino is a developer of carrier-class bonded copper solutions that enable ILEC’s to respond to customer hunger for bandwidth by leveraging their considerable in-place copper loop infrastructure. The company’s products are deployed worldwide for the transport of DS3 and high speed Carrier Ethernet. Product: AK3000 Product Family – Solutions for service ...

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Corsair Communications

Develops and markets cellular fraud detection equipment and cellular services. IPO, then acquired by Lightbridge (Nasdaq:LTBG). Developer of fraud protection software and hardware for wireless telecommunications industry. The product, called PhonePrint, uses a signal intelligence technology known as radio frequency fingerprinting to detect and disconnect fraudulent calls within seconds from cellular ...

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Xilinx is a developer of user-programmable gate arrays in which customers create their own custom gate arrays without the delays or engineering charges normally associated with ASIC devices. Xilinx’s first product, a 1,200 gate device, was introduced in late 1985. In late 1987, Xilinx introduced the second generation of its patented ...