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Cellfire delivers coupons and discount offers directly to consumer’s mobile phones. Provider of mobile-device-based coupons and discounts. The company’s technology is designed to enable users to carry, store, and redeem valuable coupons on their cell phones. Retailers can redeem and reconcile these coupons at the point-of-sale without installing new hardware. The ...

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Traxo is your digital travel wallet automatically organizing your itineraries and loyalty points in one place.  Designed as a home base for travel, Traxo fills a critical void with an automatic, intelligent new system for organizing, managing and sharing all of your trip details.

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Xilinx is a developer of user-programmable gate arrays in which customers create their own custom gate arrays without the delays or engineering charges normally associated with ASIC devices. Xilinx’s first product, a 1,200 gate device, was introduced in late 1985. In late 1987, Xilinx introduced the second generation of its patented ...