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Shomiti Systems

Developed and marketed network management systems for local area networks. Acquired by Finisar. Developer of network-analysis systems for high-speed LAN and ATM-switch networks. Century Family allows network managers to capture and analyze all forms of switched 10 and 100-Mbps Ethernet traffic at full wire speed on switch-to-switch and switch-to-server connections. Century ...

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Corsair Communications

Develops and markets cellular fraud detection equipment and cellular services. IPO, then acquired by Lightbridge (Nasdaq:LTBG). Developer of fraud protection software and hardware for wireless telecommunications industry. The product, called PhonePrint, uses a signal intelligence technology known as radio frequency fingerprinting to detect and disconnect fraudulent calls within seconds from cellular ...

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Credence Systems

Credence Systems develops, manufactures and markets semiconductor automatic test equipment (ATE) used in the production of semiconductors. The company serves a broad spectrum of the semiconductor industry’s testing needs through a wide range of products that test digital and mixed-signal semiconductors. Credence utilizes its proprietary technologies to design products that provide ...