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Pivot3 is focused on delivering highly scalable, fault tolerant IP-based clustered storage systems composed of industry standard servers. The company boasts strong intellectual property in distributed RAID and time-based I/O journaling for delivering the next generation of block-based clustered storage.

Provider of storage equipment for high-definition video surveillance. The company offers server virtualization capabilities in its storage products. By using virtualization software in its storage equipment and making some hardware additions, such as increased memory, its storage products reduce the customers’ need to buy additional servers to run surveillance systems. The core of the company’s products, which are built using off-the-shelf hardware, is its software that achieves RAID (or redundant array of inexpensive disks) capabilities with the software rather than using hardware.


RAID Across Independent Gigabit Ethernet (RAIGE) – The idea here is that the virtualization software removes the need for a traditional RAID controller such as NetApp’s filer head, while ensuring that data is written across all of the servers in a cluster.

High-Definition Storage – The product is a collection of Databank appliances connected with standard Gigabit Ethernet connections where each Databank runs the RAIGE Storage Software. Databanks are automatically discovered on the Ethernet network and assigned to virtual RAIGE Arrays of up to eight Databanks.

Serverless Computing – The product is an enhancement to the company’s RAIGE storage architecture where computer resources are consolidated into its storage hardware platform for dramatic reductions in power, cooling, rack space, and cost. The product integrates server and storage virtualization technologies to deliver consolidation benefits to customers that might not ordinarily consolidate servers.

Source – Dow Jones VentureSources