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OpenConnect Systems

Developed and marketed software for mainframe to Internet connectivity. Sold to Goff Moore.

Provider of solutions that Web-enable host applications. The company offers a suite of scalable software solutions that provide secure, high-performance browser based access to applications and data. By leveraging mainframe and other applications to deliver e-business solutions, the product architecture supports server based computing with the delivery of software components to end users on an as needed basis across corporate Intranet, business extranets and the public Internet.


WebConnect – WebConnect is a robust, secure Web-to-Host solution. Its patented persistent connection supports tens of thousands of concurrent browser-based users, including customers, partners, and employees.

OC Visual 3270 – OC Visual 3270 is a suite of tools that allow developers and administrators to rapidly provide TN3270 emulation in the application of their choice. Available as a full-featured component that can be “plugged” into a wide variety of development tools, or as emulation software for multiple platforms, OC Visual 3270 gives enterprises the flexibility to meet the needs of their customers, employees, partners and vendors.

Gibraltar – Gibraltar enables Web Services to existing mainframe based applications by capturing core business logic embedded in mainframe applications, quickly applying a Web Services Interface.

eXtremeVista – eXtremeVista is 100% pure Java-based development software enabling organizations to rapidly transition to e-business by capturing core business logic embedded in mainframe applications, quickly applying a graphically intuitive front-end, and securely extending those applications to thousands of Web-based users.

SNA Access Server – SNA Access Server provides secure, scalable connectivity and inter-operability between SNA and TCP/IP-based networks.

SNA Print Server – SNA Print Server is an easy to administer print-emulation package, which operates as a UNIX process and distributes 3287 print reports locally or remotely throughout the enterprise.

Management Server – Management Server facilitates centralized management of WebConnect servers and Cisco TN3270 servers on your enterprise network.

Source – Dow Jones VentureSources