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NetSocket is developing IP Service Assurance solutions for managing real-time services in IP networks.

The NetSocket Resource Control Point (RCP) is the only comprehensive platform providing IP service assurance, simultaneously monitoring the underlying network for topology and network state and the service control plane for session state. NetSocket’s IP service assurance provides visibility, resource control and policy capabilities that enable successful delivery of a variety of emerging services. Visibility improves the quality of evolving services by providing session control with better path monitoring, network congestion notification, performance monitoring and fault mitigation. Resource control provides path-sensitive admission control, which enhances the carrier’s ability to perform network-wide resource control, improving the quality of service for customers. Last, the RCP’s policy interfaces connect with various service control and network equipment to communicate policy decisions.

The NetSocket solution resolves a range of issues facing today’s service providers. By deploying the NetSocket Resource Control Point, service providers are addressing the critical challenges that accompany high volumes of high-bandwidth services on IP networks. These applications include fixed mobile convergence, video, DSLAM congestion and tactical networking.