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Diamond Lane Communications

Develops and markets telecommunications infrastructure equipment for the last mile, xDSL. Sold to Nokia (NYSE: NOK).

Developer of wide-area network (WAN) products that combine asymmetric digital signal line (ADSL) and asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) technologies. The company is developing a high-speed Internet-access solution, called the Hitchhiker System, to work around the data bottlenecks of conventional copper phone lines. The product is a complete solution, combining new technologies such as ADSL, which provides the high data rates needed using the present copper phone system, and ATM, which solves Internet backbone bottlenecks and avoids the congestion of central-office voice switches, with individual network interface cards in subscriber PCs. The end result is high-speed Internet access with the ability to share existing copper wires with voice services.

Source – Dow Jones VentureSources