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Bivio Networks

Bivio Networks is the leading supplier of next generation network appliance platforms, enabling application developers to rapidly develop and deploy market-leading, wire-speed, deep-packet processing network applications.

They are a provider of a deep-packet inspection and processing platform that combines scaling of network performance, processing power, and application agility. The company’s system is designed to consolidate network service applications, enables dynamic configuration to meet user and application requirements, and reduces the cost of deploying IP services.


Bivio 2000 – A programmable network appliance featuring architecture specifically optimized for wire-speed execution of emerging network services.

BiviOS – A comprehensive set of networking and management features in addition to the Linux kernel and common APIs.

Bivio 508 – A high-performance, programmable network appliance that combines hardware architecture with a standard Linux-based execution environment and a comprehensive set of networking features.

Source – Dow Jones VentureSources